We had been contemplating a new type of collection for quite a while before we finally decided to go ahead with Yabblins. We wanted somewhere that we could feature stories that were a little bit longer or would not fit into any of the traditional genres or themes we’ve been using for Colp or Thuggish Itch.

This collection has many different types of tales, and I think you will enjoy them all. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work, and we wish we were able to fit more of the stories we received into this book. 

Available now:


  • Alex James Donne - The Doors of Revenhold
  • Colin Adams-Toomey - Veiled Lady
  • Daniel Loring Keating - Phantom Sage of the Morning
  • Luke Walker - The Cold Places in July
  • Madeleine D'Este - J'ai vu le loup
  • Marc Sorondo - The Anuran Champion
  • Nick Manzolillo - The Lightning Zoo
  • Paul R. Panossian - Shade
  • Shaun Avery - Something Else
  • Toshiya Kamei - Transformations
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