Birds Have Teeth

One afternoon, the pelicans came in. Masses of them. More than I had ever seen in one place at the same time. They swarmed the jetty where a group of tourists had decided to toss them a scrap or two. I remember thinking this could get really ugly, really quickly if those long, deep beaks were filled with teeth...

Thuggish Itch’s seventh collection, Birds Have Teeth, features twenty short stories that depict what might ensure if our feathered friends suddenly developed teeth. As you would likely expect if that situation were to be true, there are very few happy endings.

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  • Ariana Ferrante - Stymphalia
  • Clark Boyd - The Menagerie
  • Joseph Welch - My Friend Princess
  • Josefa Corpuz - Forever Friend
  • Jude Matulich-Hall - Birdbath
  • Leonora Lewis - The Stornes and the Stolen Violin
  • Julia Beecher - Mango Bites Back
  • Lucas Marlowe - I Am The Owl
  • Matthew Wilson - Blood Smeared Teeth
  • R. S. Pyne - The Flock
  • G. A. Miller - Prey
  • Victor Krulle - Fly-Fight-Win
  • Robert Pope - Threading the Needle
  • Leonora Lewis - Luchopans
  • Sean Mabry - What You Call a Group of Owls
  • Stephanie Kvellestad - Cuckoo
  • Tiffany Michelle Brown - Yummy
  • Timothy Pulo - The Birdman of Brunswick Lane
  • Tony Logan - Owl Be Seeing You
  • Walter Kwiatkowski - The Zoo
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