By The Seaside

I’ve always been fortunate enough to live within a fifteen-minute drive of the beach. As children, we would be there all the time, tackling waves on our boogie boards or shielding our pile of hot chips from the marauding seagulls. While visits may not be as frequent now that I’m an adult, there is still something calming about heading out into the surf. Well… most of the time.

By the Seaside is the eighth Thuggish Itch collection, and although lockdowns and rapid antigen tests slowed down its progress, we are proud to present these stories from a mix of frequent collaborators and GST first-timers.

Available now:


  • Damascus Mincemeyer - A Hundred Years in Every Drop
  • Daniel R. Robichaud - Out on Fisherman's Pier
  • Desmond White - Glimmer on a Darkling Plain
  • Donna J. W. Munro - Sargasso's Weed
  • Frank Sawielijew - My Friend the Kraken
  • Hillary Lyon - A Tumble Through the Undertow
  • Jack Seymour - The Twilight of the Undine
  • Jackson Kuhl - The Half That Matters
  • John Leahy - The Bay
  • Katherine L. P. King - Seafoam
  • Kelly A. Harmon - The Ghost of Point Lookout Lighthouse
  • Jack Callaghan - That's the Way to Do It
  • Liam A. Spinage - Flotsam
  • Lisa H. Owens - Uncle Flappy's Boats and Bait
  • Maggie Nerz Iribarne - Lost at Sea
  • Margaret Karmazin - I'll Never Tell
  • Martin Alvarez - Sluggish
  • Matt McGee - Seven Mary Three, Down
  • Maxwell Marais - The Un-Drowned Man
  • Michael Pollentine - Killer Surfers of the Sludge Waves
  • Michelle Brett - The Ocean Always Returns
  • Michelle Mellon - Crusty
  • R D Doan - The Cabin at Wood Pond Point
  • Robert Allen Lupton - In His Likeness
  • Robert Petyo - Sea Shells at the Sea Shore
  • Rory Spickett - Ryoshi
  • Spencer Lee Sumwalt - A Strange Vessel
  • Thomas Nicholson - The Silt Pilgrim
  • Tim Anderson - The Sea's Gift
  • Warren Benedetto - I Row
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