My sister hates feet. I don’t know why, but they have always made her cringe and cower. My brother and I found it amusing enough that we would send her photos of our feet whenever we could. Personally, I find feet a little intriguing. There is something about them that can be both attractive and repulsive. Toenails, though, well, that’s a whole different story…

Feet is Colp’s tenth collection (ten books, ten toes), and it is great that we were able to feature several stories that were not horror-based or pieces of speculative fiction.

Available now:


  • Alyson Faye - Boots, Brogues and Barefoot
  • Ann McCurdy - The Foot
  • Carlton Herzog - He Walks Through My Mind With His Dirty Feet
  • Christina Nordlander - The Contents of the Shoes
  • Denice Penrose - The Red Shoes
  • DJ Tyrer - My Bigfoot Big Foot Fetish
  • Frank Sawielijew - Walking Off Her Vanity
  • Gabriella Brand - Six Legs in Tokyo
  • Julia C. Lewis - The Price of Love
  • Mark Tulin - Kickball Bernie
  • Matthew Fowler - Never Another Step
  • Peter DiChellis - No Footprints
  • Rayna Bright - Tiny Red Shoes
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Monkeyfeet
  • Leonora Lewis - Non-Extinct Non-Avian Dinosaurs and Fairy Tales
  • Shaun Avery - A Familiar Story
  • Tim Borella - King of the Road
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