Gypsum Sound Jails

Gypsum Sound Jails is a collection of stories that document the series of events that plague the staff and residents of Montwood Penitentiary, a large maximum security correctional facility located to the east of the city of El Paso, Texas.

Our authors have painted a vivid picture of prison life in Montwood, their stories covering all aspects of the facility: from the prison gangs of the ¬°Gamberro and 47 West to the woes of the correctional officers and the prison doctors.

Available now:


  • Bradley Snedeker - Moonlit Cell
  • David Turnbull - You Feel No Pain
  • Hugh McStay - The Black Throne
  • Michael Leonberger - Somewhere North of the Hangdog Cage
  • Michelle Mellon - A Fighting Chance
  • Robert Petyo - The Jamison Gambit
  • Scott Chaddon - CONTACT!
  • Susan E. Abramski - The Pen and the Samhain
  • Clovis Hazeldine - The Slippery Whisker
  • T. R. Biggar - Dear Parole Board
  • Martin Alvarez - Fog of the Blood Red Moon
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