Gypsum Sound Trails 2

Gypsum Sound Trails 2 (or A Return to West Moreton as it was originally known) is the first sequel that we have done to any of our collections, and we feel that the stories within are just as impressive as those in the original.

Thank you to all the authors who have returned to continue their tales of the Markwell Gang, Smooth Kisses, and the township of West Moreton.

Available now:


  • Aryan Bollinger - A Price Well Paid
  • David Turnbull - The Last Man in West Moreton
  • Fernando Medici - Tides in the Desert
  • Hillary Lyon - The Wildflower of West Moreton
  • Hugh McStay - The Coward, The Stranger and The Scribbler
  • Richard Beauchamp - Bulldog's Requiem
  • Robert Allen Lupton - The Ballad of Fiona Campbell: Second Verse
  • Robert Petyo - Wedding Bell Blues
  • Susan E. Abramski - The Flying Cigar
  • Victor Krulle - Ponder
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